Our Story

Delicious homemade goodness

Pooch's Palate is a family- owned and operated pet bakery. After doing a lot of research on dog food and treats, We were amazed at what is allowed to be put into many commercial dog foods, so we searched and found some good brands and decided we could make their treats in our kitchen.


All treats are made in our kitchen with human-grade ingredients and only natural preservatives.  You may notice that our treats are not the fancy, decorated kind you may see in many doggie boutiques.  Here at Pooch's Palate, we like to keep things simple, natural, and healthy for your dogs.  Many times those decorated treats contain a lot of sugar...not good for your pup's tummy! While we continually strive for innovation, we’re still making our creations the way grandma would have made them.  And she'd be pretty proud of that.