Blueberry Yogurt Biscuits Treats--1 dozen
  Just like blueberries are good for you, they are also fabulous for your dog. These blueberry                dog treats are loaded with antioxidants that protect cells, cognitive function, prevents cancer and

heart disease. They make a perfect treat for your dog's health. You cannot go wrong with these treats!

   Ingredients: wheat flour, Greek Yogurt, oatmeal, flax seed, water    Guaranteed analysis: moisture 11%, protein (crude) 12%, fat (crude) 5%, fiber (crude) 6.5%
         Price: $5.00

Bacon Cheese Biscuits--1 dozen
  Delicious treats for your pup....Chances are he'll love these and will have him saying

           "Bacon and  Cheese" Please !!   and you will feel good giving them to him!

   Ingredients: bacon, cheese, milk, apple sauce, whole wheat flour   Guaranteed analysis: moisture 6%, protein (crude) 14%, fat (crude) 12% fiber (crude) 3.%
      Price: $5.00

Chicken Flavored Biscuit Dog Treats--1 dozen
Love your dog with your entire heart and soul-they will always return the favor unselfishly

Give him the nutritional chicken flavor to savor in the taste of his bones

Guaranteed analysis: moisture 12%, protein (crude) 13%, fat (crude) 5%, fiber (crude) 4.5%
    Price: $5.00

Apple Carrot Dog Treats--1 dozen
An apple a day - keeps the vet away.

These healthy biscuits offer a good source of fiber

Loaded with vitamin A & C, beta carotene for a shiny coat

                                                                           Guaranteed analysis: moisture 12%, protein (crude) 13%, fat (crude) 4%, fiber (crude) 9%
   Price: $5.00

Beef Flavored Biscuits--1 dozen
Tasty Tail wagging beef flavored biscuit for your four legged friend in your house. Good source of protein and easily digestible riboflavin and selenium, making them a healthy choice

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, salt, egg, beef bouillon, water   Guaranteed analysis: moisture 12%, protein (crude) 11%, fat (crude) 5% fiber (crude) 3.5%
   Price: $5.00


  Pizza Flavored Dog Treats--1 dozen
  These crunchy little bones have been baked with plump chopped sundried  tomatoes.......grated         cheese...a blend of whole wheat flour...cornmeal and chopped parsley which will make your pup sit up   and beg...roll over and give tons of wags and kisses. These treats are delicious and healthy !!!!! 

They have the pizza flavor without the mess.

   Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, white flour, parmesan cheese, sundried tomatoes, corn meal, egg, water, olive oil, parsley, basil

    guaranteed analysis: moisture 12%, protein (crude) 12%, fat (crude) 5%, fiber (crude) 11%      
         Price: $5.00

  Pumpkin Dog Treat Biscuits--1 dozen
    Not just for HOWL-O -WEEN anymore. These treats offer a good source of fiber, 

    beta-carotene and vitamin A which can help with digestive issues

      Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, pumpkin, cinnamon, egg    Guaranteed analysis: moisture 11%, protein (crude) 12%, fat (crude) 5% fiber (crude)  5%
                 Price: $5.00

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Dog Treats - 1 dozen

Favorite treat of many Canines

Good source of protein but it also contains heart healthy fats, vitamins and fiber

Beneficial to dogs with bowel irregularity issues

Ingredients: peanut butter, banana, oatmeal   Guaranteed analysis: moisture 6%, protein (crude) 14%, fat (crude) 12%, fiber (crude) 3%
Price: $5.00